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Purchase Dreamsicles at Warm Springs Village Mall in Warm Springs, Georgia        Purchase Dreamsicles items at:   www.warmspringsvillage.com

Just a few short years ago, Cast Art Industries introduced the adorable cherubs and animals that make up the Dreamsicles collection.

Artist Kristin Hayes was raised in Utah amidst an extremely artistic family. After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in art, she turned her talents to sculpture and began creating a group of cherubs, bunnies, and other characters now known as Dreamsicles. They were an instant hit with fans throughout Southern California, and demand became so great that Kristin could no longer make the reproductions on her own. She turned to Cast Art Industries for assistance, and that's how the Dreamsicles collection was born.

After 10 years of producing Dreamsicles, Cast Art Industries merged with Papel Giftware then in 2003 Willits Design acquired the Dreamsicles brand.  Today, collectors are still seeking Dreamsicles, but unfortunately, they are no longer being produced.

See our list of everyday retail gifts, including Dreamsicles, at Warm Springs Village Mall in Warm Springs, Georgia

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Updated:  December 18, 2006