Hospitals and medical centers:

Warm Springs Medical Center



 Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation

PO Box 1000


The Roosevelt Place

Assisted Living

2524 Whitehouse Parkway


Other hospitals or medical centers near Warm Springs:

Upson Regional Medical Center (about 25 miles - Thomaston, GA)
Bradley Center of St Francis (about 30 miles - Columbus, GA)
Hughston Sports Medicine Hospital (about 30 miles - Columbus, GA)

Well Star West Georgia Hospital - (about 30 miles - LaGrange, GA)

Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Warm Springs:

Columbus Metropolitan (about 32 miles - Columbus, GA ID: CSG)
Lawson AAF (Fort Benning)  (about 44 miles - Fort Benning, Columbus, GA: ID:LSF)
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Intl (about 55 miles - Atlanta, GA: ID: ATL)

Other public-use airports nearest to Warm Springs:

Roosevelt Memorial Airport (about 4 miles - Warm Springs, GA: ID: 5A9)

Callaway Gardens-Harris County (about 14 miles - Pine Mountain, GA; ID: PIM)

LaGrange-Callaway (about 28 miles - LaGrange, GA; ID: LGC)

General Information:

City of Warm Springs
PO Box 156
Warm Springs, GA 31830-0156
Phone: (706) 655-9096
Fax: (706) 655-2814
  Population: 491 (2000 Census)
RDC: Chattahoochee Flint
State Development Region: 4

Congressional District: 11
State Senate District: 14
State House District: 90

Elected Officials:
Mayor: Charles Lee
Council Member: Robyn Pynenburg
Council Member: Daniel Hardy
Council Member: Deon Williams
Council Member: Vicki Lucas
Council Member: 
Appointed Officials:
City Clerk: Kristen Price
City Attorney: Jeffrey Todd

Area Development Agencies:
Downtown Development Authority
PO Box 156
Warm Springs, GA 31830
(706) 655-9096
Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce

1 Broad Street, PO Box 9
Warm Springs, GA 31830-0009

Area Newspaper:
Manchester Star-Mercury
PO Box 426
Manchester, GA 31816-0426
Warm Springs Police Department
Chief:  J. Smith
White House Parkway
Warm Springs, GA 31830
706-655-3861 or 706-655-9096

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